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Emergency Department Streaming (ED Streaming)

MTX has proven expertise in providing ED Streaming facilities already completing several projects of this nature. Our buildings are entirely bespoke and we will work with you to design, construct and commission an environment entirely fit for purpose and with a design life of up to 60 years.

NHS England has recently set a goal for all hospitals with an A&E Department to have a ‘comprehensive front door streaming’ service.

The ED Streaming service aim will be to make care more efficient and to take pressure away from Emergency Departments by having a primary healthcare professional ‘stream’ patients visiting the hospital who can then refer them to primary healthcare or an emergency department. This will ensure that those who need emergency care will be seen faster and that all patients who attend will receive appropriate care more quickly. Providing a bespoke area for this to take place allows hospitals to make that distinction much clearer and make best use of space.

MTX have an enviable reputation within the healthcare sector for the construction of healthcare buildings. Utilising modern methods of construction and the design for manufacture process we achieve significantly reduced programmes which are often half the construction periods of a traditional building project. Whilst construction periods are much quicker, MTX also ensure reduced on-site disruption, improved health and safety also ensuring less waste and an opportunity to recycle more.

MTX are on several government frameworks including NHS SBS and LHC OJEU Compliant procurement routes so procuring from MTX is often without complication.

All of our buildings are HTM, HBN and Local Authority Building Control Compliant and can be seamlessly connected to existing hospitals.

Case Study

Royal Bolton Hospital Modular A&E Extension

Royal Bolton Hospital

A&E Extension
Due to the ever increasing demands on hospital A&E departments, MTX continue to see a big interest in fast-track A&E extensions.

Modular Hire

MTX offer temporary relocatable modular building hire and decant accommodation throughout the UK. Our buildings can be supplied from our standard range or rapidly remodelled to suit your specific accommodation requirements.

For more information, visit our Modular Hire page.