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George Eliot Hospital Modular Endoscopy Department

By May 22, 2017September 3rd, 2021Clean Rooms, Healthcare, Project Portfolio

In May 2016 MTX were awarded the contract to design and install a new modular Endoscopy Department for George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton. MTX were appointed the main contractor for this project, working directly for the NHS Trust.

The Requirements

George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust had scope to relocate their existing Endoscopy Department to a completely new building, in order to provide more Endoscopy facilities and create a larger patient intake.

The Trust had already distinguished an area in which the new facility could be constructed. Situated within an existing court yard with existing building adjacent to all four sides. The area of redundant space was identified where a previously demolished theatre block had once stood. This space had the advantage of easy access to the hospital’s car park, which was directly opposite, in addition to being in close proximity to the main hospital building therefore providing excellent and efficient routes to the other departments.

The Solution

The MTX Team produced a design for a single storey modular building to provide the Trust with Endoscopy Treatment Rooms, Bronchoscopy Treatment Rooms, Decontamination Clean and Dirty facilities, male and female 1st stage recovery, male and female 2nd stage recovery, dedicated male and female consenting patient prep changing areas, consultation rooms and staff areas.

The building was made up of 21 modules and provided 1,000m² of column-less space. Sustainable and renewable technologies including smart technology LED lighting. Repeatable Room designs were also utilised throughout and clever colour coding was used to identify male and female only zones.

The Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy suites were designed and validated in accordance with design requirements and associated guidance documents specifically in relation to HTM 03-01 Part A, and HB 04-01 Supplement 1. In addition to this, the design and installation of bespoke supplementary external housing facility for the new Entonox manifold plant, allowed for medical gases installation for Specialised Treatment facilities.

MTX instructed our architectural partners to create a contemporary and minimalist interior, which they achieved to an impeccable standard. The finish was extremely clean and minimal and presented a relaxed environment for patients.


Main Considerations

Due to the nature of works that were to take place within the new facility, the area walls had to meet Hygiene standards. In order to attain this requirement the hygienic area walls were constructed with a pre-finished steel product, specifically formulated to help maintain a clean and safe environment. In addition to this, MTX controlled a well organised and safe execution of the crane lift in order to position main external air handling plant and associated equipment.

MTX worked closely with the trust team in ensuring that the whole project adheres to and was consulted through JAG. (Joint Advisory Group on GI Endoscopy). This ensures the quality and safety of patient care by defining and maintaining the standards by which Endoscopy is practised.