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Diagnostics Facilities

MTX have been at the forefront of healthcare construction for nearly three decades, in which time have been responsible for pioneering many elements associated with fast-track construction solutions.

We have the expertise to deliver diagnostic imaging facilities specifically designed to meet your requirements. Our construction expertise extends to understanding the technical requirements of such a facility including; floor response factors, building vibration, floor loadings, magnetic shielding, magnetic field effect, interference, fringe field distribution and noise regulations.

Our solution can include:

  • MRI suites
  • Endoscopy
  • Laparoscopy
  • CT rooms
  • Medical imaging including x-ray
  • Mammography units
  • Catheterisation laboratories

We can work in partnership with your specialist equipment supplier, project managing the project in parallel to ensure full compliance with HBN 6 (facilities for diagnostic imaging and interventional radiology) along with statutory requirements.

If your are considering a new modular building, a refurbishment of existing or the turn-key delivery of a new facility please contact us on 0845 130 9639.