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Manchester Face and Eye Hospital

By January 5, 2012May 22nd, 2020Healthcare, Project Portfolio
Manchester Face and Eye Hospital

Manchester Face and Eye Hospital is a state of the art private clinic offering the latest techniques in ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery, facial cosmetic surgery, non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and eye surgery including laser corrective eye surgery and cataract surgery.

MTX were appointed in October 2006 as the Theatre specialists to design and build a New Theatre Suite for four leading oculoplastic and ophthalmic surgeons. The surgical facilities have been designed and purpose built fully complying with Health Technical Memorandums (HTM’s), Health Building Notes (HBN’s) and local authority approvals.

A purpose built extension was built housing the main Operating Theatre Suite, Medical Gas Store, IPS & UPS Room with the main plant room positioned above. The air conditioning to the operating theatre was designed to HTM2025 which includes a bespoke displacement diffuser that is positioned in the theatre ceiling offering laminar flow.  The equipment installed and the finishes provided throughout the suite enhance the suite with a contemporary but clinical environment.

Mechanical and Electrical installations were carried out along with a medical gas piped system, microscope and monitoring facility, operating theatre lamp, surgical pendant, surgeon’s panel, nurse call alarm system and surveillance cameras with intruder alarms.

MTX were also responsible for physical validation and microbiological validation of the facility. The validation process included DOP testing, taking particulate counts, surface sampling for microbiological contamination (settle plates) and sampling of airborne viable organisms. A full seven stage clean down of the area was undertaken before the validation program commenced.

The clinic also consists of consulting facilities and treatment rooms. This facility provides the highest quality consultant led ophthalmic, cosmetic and medical aesthetic service ensuring that every patient receives only the best standard of care in a safe, comfortable, and private environment. The risk of hospital acquired infection is therefore greatly minimized.