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Modular Buildings and Off-Site Construction

The MTX off-site buildings and systematic construction solution allows us to deliver modular buildings and facilities that meet our clients exact requirements ensuring extensive flexibility which allows for complete architectural freedom. Either a contemporary or a traditional building design, our solution can meet architectural aspirations as well as adhering to regulatory standards and sustainability criteria where each of our buildings is designed bespoke to individual project requirements.

For many years MTX have been experts in modular buildings, specialising in the modular construction of facilities including modular healthcare buildings that require a high level of building services and architectural coordination. Our technology represents a high quality and economically viable proposition where our design and project delivery teams are committed to shaping our individual clients requirements ensuring all of the advantages of modular, off-site construction can be realised without compromise.

The MTX modular system has a unique selling point where we ‘modularise’ the building around architects and design teams internal footprints which ensure there is NO compromise on layout. As each of our modules is constructed specifically for each project and not a standard stock module, we are able to tailor our buildings to suit our clients needs exactly.

By maximising the utility of modular buildings we have been able to pioneer these unique features which have allowed for greater flexibility when working with clients and we are proud to have gained the enviable reputation for being at the forefront of bespoke off-site modular construction.

Case Study

Northwick Park Hospital

Modular wards and infectious disease ward
In December 2014 MTX were awarded the contract to design, install and commission a new five storey modular extension. The project was completed within 49 weeks.

Modular Hire

MTX offer temporary relocatable modular building hire and decant accommodation throughout the UK. Our buildings can be supplied from our standard range or rapidly remodelled to suit your specific accommodation requirements.

For more information, visit our Modular Hire page.