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Why Choose Modular Healthcare Buildings?

To answer this question, you must understand what modular construction is and how it works.


What is Modular Construction?

Modular building construction is a process that involves the off-site manufacturing and on-site assembly of complete buildings which comprise of sectional, steel-framed ‘modules’. These modules are manufactured under factory conditions to exact specifications and therefore are not impeded by adverse weather conditions or problems that may arise on-site. Whilst the modules are being manufactured in a factory, the sub-structure is being prepared in parallel reducing the overall programme considerably.

On completion, the buildings are transported to the site where they are craned into position before the final site assembly takes place which includes the site fixing of cladding along with the internal finishes completed in the exact manner to that of a traditional building ensuring a seamless finish between modules.

Case Study

Wrightington Hospital

Two Theatre Suites and 3 Bed Recovery
MTX were awarded the contract to design, install and commission two individual modular operating theatre suites at Wrightington Hospital. The aim of the scheme was to provide additional theatre capacity in order to cope with increased demand.

So Why Modular Healthcare Buildings over Traditional Construction?

Speed – Being able to complete most of the construction off-site means faster project delivery at lower cost, with less disruption to the end customer. Build projects are not delayed by poor weather conditions which typically occur during traditional construction. This makes modular construction the ideal solution for healthcare buildings especially if working within tight deadlines.

Flexibility – The ability to adapt, change, increase or reduce the configuration of a modular healthcare building economically fits well within the ever-changing requirements of the healthcare sector.

Cost – Due to the construction time being much lower than traditional construction it means there is a huge financial saving. will assist healthcare customers in meeting the growing demands expected of hospital accommodation and facilities while keeping within budgetary constraints.

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