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We are aware that our activities have an effect on the environment. It is our duty and responsibility that we minimise the negative impact our activities have on people and the planet and where possible explore opportunities to enhance the world we live in.

MTX Responsibilities:

Health and Safety
NHS site safety sign

Without exception, health and safety is our number one priority which is at the core of everything we are involved in. The safety and wellbeing of our greater family is imperative from the MTX team to our on-site teams.

outside environment benches

The forward thinking approach of MTX extends to the environment, the construction of energy efficient buildings and the use of environmentally friendly techniques.

MTX hardhat

We are an equal opportunities employer and our people are our most valuable asset who all form part of the great MTX family.

Achilles Accredited

At MTX we are committed to continuous improvement and ensuring that we deliver all of our activities within a uniform, systematic and pre-determined approach.