Harry Pluckrose

“The facility is exceptional, and I am sure it will make a significant difference to the Trust and their ability to care for very unwell patients. It has not been an easy project and MTX should all be proud of the part they have played in delivering the scheme and overcoming any problems we may have faced. The teamwork over the last few months has been particularly positive and is a nice way to end the construction stage. Thank you again for your

Harry Pluckrose
Partner, Gardiner & Theobald
July 14, 2022

Lyn Bennett

“This is a fantastic new building which has been constructed to a limited budget. We have been able to incorporate advanced 21st century designs that, from experience, will enable the clinical team to provide efficient and excellent clinical care for patients while working in a modern, bright, natural daylit and person-centred environment. The design of the new critical care building has attracted considerable external interest, including from NHSE/NHSI and believe it will prove to be a landmark

Lyn Bennett
Matron for Adult Critical Care and Clinical Lead Advisor Nurse for Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
June 6, 2022

Scott Fletcher

“Working with MTX was incredibly easy and efficient from the outset. Speed of delivery was a key driver for us, hence why we chose a modular solution for the works. Robust planning and the effective collaboration between us, the MTX team, the designers and the supply chain was fundamental and critical in guaranteeing the project was finished ahead of time, with a fully functional unit free from defects. MTX also worked closely and effectively with another contractor on site to ensure maximum safety for all and minimal disruption. This relationship also resulted in financial gain, with trade deliveries organised with synergy in mind. Starting with the end in mind they established our key milestones and expectations for handover clarifying the exact activities that we wished to achieve, and the corresponding

Scott Fletcher
Managing Director at Hall Analytical
September 16, 2021

Ryan Milbourne

“MTX have worked collaboratively with University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust to provide an additional 64 inpatient beds, split across 3 wards. The wards have been constructed on the existing hospital roof, directly above live wards. Not only did this radical design solution help us to achieve good clinical adjacencies, but it’s always enabled Trust operations to continue with relatively low disruption. Whilst challenges were inevitable with the construction of this solution, MTX have always prioritised appropriately and their site management team have been good at communicating directly with clinical staff and other stakeholders when required. Quality of fit and finish is to a high standard and the clinical staff are rightly excited to be working in the new

Ryan Milbourne
Senior Capital Project Manager for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
August 20, 2020

Adam Davies

“In partnership with J&JMS, MTX have delivered an exceptional building which provides GSTT with additional surgical and recovery capacity. Despite the constant challenges associated with delivering a build project within one of the busiest parts of central London, MTX delivered the theatre complex on time and under budget. With the new theatre connecting into a live operational area, MTX’s collaborative approach enabled the project to be completed with no clinical incidents, ensuring continuity of care throughout the

Adam Davies
Operations Manager for Johnson & Johnson
July 1, 2019

Graham Alexander

“MTX were appointed in early 2018 to deliver a modular building consisting of two operating theatres, Endoscopy procedure room and ancillary accommodation, including a 7 space recovery unit. The building was delivered in just over 7 months on site and within the allocated budget. We feel this was an extremely successful contract which delivered a modern facility to the standards set at the inception of the project. MTX were extremely flexible in their approach and worked collaboratively with the Health Board team. MTX’s site based team were easy to work with and maintained good communication with the hospital representatives during the contract. We would have no hesitation in using MTX again for any future

Graham Alexander
Project Director for Betsi Cadwaladwr University Healthboard
April 25, 2019

John Fulcher

“MTX have delivered a building fit for purpose, on time, to budget and to the quality we would expect. MTX have been great partners throughout the whole process and very open with their accounting procedures regarding changes incorporated during the build. The onsite team and site manager have kept the Hospital very close during construction with advance notice given of any disruptive works, a good all round performance and would have no hesitation in recommending MTX for such projects in the

John Fulcher
Head of Capital Projects for Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust
December 18, 2017

Julie Richards

“It has felt like a strong partnership throughout. The company has been very honest, straightforward and transparent, including on cost. The nice thing about working in partnership is that you can solve challenges together. That for me has been exceptional on this project. The clinicians that have visited the completed building over the past few days have been highly impressed and I know staff are looking forward to moving into the new

Julie Richards
Associate Director of Estates
December 5, 2017

Graham Vaughan

“MTX were extremely proactive, accommodating and understanding of our needs. The project included groundworks that revolved around archaeology and the contractor acted in a compliant manner, engaging with all stakeholders and contributed to the mitigations required to minimise impact on cost and time. Their approach enabled us to be relatively flexible with design, development and to a degree beyond the prescribed fabrication dates”.

Graham Vaughan
Capital Programme Manager for Wye Valley NHS Trust
February 28, 2017

Andrew Hopwood

“MTX have recently completed a state-of-the-art PET / MR Scanner Suite on a design and build contract for their client; Engie Buildings Limited at the Central Manchester University Hospital Trust for studies in to dementia. Their pre-construction team provided design leadership from the outset and a proactive attitude toward solving difficult technical problems which included the use of an electrically powered robotic pecker inside the building to break out an existing ground floor slab in a live Hospital environment. The project was managed diligently throughout the construction phase, with strong relationships built between all of the stakeholders involved. This created a positive atmosphere teamwork approach to the project and has resulted in its successful completion, with the expectations of the users being

Andrew Hopwood MCIOB
Project Manager – Consulting, Lendlease
December 1, 2016

Patsy Tobin, 4th February 2016

“The scheme was delivered both on time and within budget with thoroughly professional managers and site management. The Project Team worked with the Trust throughout the design and construction period. Every effort was made to minimise disruption on the day-to-day operations of the hospital and there was excellent management and collaboration during the construction phase. This included close liaison with 2 live surgical wards above and a main Outpatient department below as the works involved major disruption to both these services. The MTX personnel were professional, knowledgeable and extremely competent; they dealt with a breadth of people on-site with courtesy at all times and were a delight to work with. The Trust is exceedingly pleased with the quality of the new unit and hopes to replicate it on further refurbishment

Patsy Tobin
Lead Commissioning & Clinical Planning Manager
June 28, 2016

Muhammad Syed

“MTX delivered a great building and enabled the Trust to make use of 63 beds within 11 months. The facility is sandwiched between a 24 hour A&E department and theatre complex and works were undertaken around such crucial clinical services, it really demonstrates careful logistical planning and commitment by the Team which was most

Muhammad Syed
Head of Capital Projects for London North West Healthcare NHS Trust
April 19, 2016

Colin Plant, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

“I found MTX to be a complete pleasure to work with throughout all stages of procurement, design development, and off site and on site construction. The scheme was handed over on time and in budget, with top class and thoroughly professional managers and site management team. The overall progress was significantly fast tracked in order to support additional capacity on the Walsall Manor Hospital site – all achieved to the target date of the 19th December 2014. The clinicians and nursing teams and directors of the Trust are delighted with the end product, which can serve additional capacity but also cleverly designed to be a decant ward at certain times of the year- meaning the space is completely flexible and choice of colours and finishes means it meets the needs

Colin Plant
Divisional Director – Estates and Facilities, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust
July 27, 2015

Malcolm Courtney June 2013

“MTX are an excellent company to work with. The PROJECT TEAM worked with the Trust throughout the design and construction period. Every effort was made to minimise disruption on the day-to-day operations of the hospital and there was excellent management and collaboration during the construction process. The appropriate level of PROJECT management STAFF was provided throughout the project and all issues/queries were promptly dealt with in consultation/collaboration with all parties

Malcolm Courtney
May 7, 2015

Nigel Bond, June 2013

“Our scheme consisted of a circa 1500m2 development over 3 floors. During our interaction with MTX we found you to be thorough, knowledgeable and willing to work with the estates professionals as well as the clinical team. The building was finished to a high standard and within time and cost parameters. In summary MTX performed very well on this scheme, worked in partnership with us and delivered as expected. I would not hesitate to employ MTX again and feel confident in recommending them to anyone

Nigel Bond
May 7, 2014

David Stonehouse, March 2014

“The Trust is exceedingly pleased with the building as a whole. This expansion was an essential requirement to achieve performance standards for the A&E department specifically and the hospital as a whole. More importantly the area provides a high quality clinical environment for improved patient care. I understand that your team work relentlessly within tight timescales and difficult conditions to achieve the agreed handover

David Stonehouse
April 16, 2014

Paul Holt, February 2013

“We have successfully worked with MTX on several capital projects over a number of years and found them to offer an excellent service. On this occasion we set an almost impossible challenge of delivering, a fully equipped modular 6 bed medical unit adjacent our Emergency department within 3 1/2 months. Not only did they deliver, we opened 3 days earlier than planned. Given that we built this unit  in the worst possible months in terms of cold weather including two occasions when we had 100mm of snow, MTX provided significant professional advice through their turnkey solution, putting together the right project team that created an attractive warm modern clinical environment. The positive impact was immediate in supporting the ongoing and exceptional clinical service we offer the residents of

Paul Holt
Director of Estates, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
March 4, 2014

Michael Smethurst, January 2013

“Having worked with MTX upon this particularly complex and challenging modular building from scheme conception through to completion, all credit must be awarded to MTX and their award winning site team for ensuring that all planning, delivery and co-ordination aspects of the scheme went seamlessly. Given the additional constraints of completing this scheme within a challenging programme, to a fixed budget and within a live hospital environment, is further evidence that MTX are a company securely placed to complete challenging and demanding healthcare

Michael Smethurst
Project Planner, Laing O'Rourke
February 6, 2013

Colin Chong, August 2012

“The extent, scale and scope of the (90-phase) project is clearly substantial. In this first phase, MTX must take great credit for the standard of its work, for its excellent planning and liaison with us as main contractor and for the calm way in which they went about complex contract

Colin Chong
Project Leader, Laing O'Rourke
October 12, 2012

Michael Smethurst, August 2012

“Given the technical and challenging nature of the lift, and the critical environment that surrounded the site, to complete a milestone event without any major issues or impact on external parties is a credit to all

Michael Smethurst
Project Planner, Laing O'Rourke
October 10, 2012

Marion Washer, April 2011

“The MTX team communicated well with myself and my colleague and were always approachable for any queries we had. They fully appreciated the need to restrict disruption to the existing theatres that were in close proximity to the new build, this made the whole project easy to manage from a clinical perspective. Despite limited footprint in which to build our new theatres, they are spacious, light and airy and the staff enjoy working in them.  All thanks to MTX and our Trust Project

Marion Washer
New Cross’s Directorate Manager
October 10, 2012

Elaine Ryan, October 2010

“We are sure that patients will be impressed when they see the

Elaine Ryan
Divisional Head, Leicester General Hospital
September 21, 2012

Mr Andrew Brown, October 2010

“Staff using the new theatres have been very positive about

Mr Andrew Brown
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Leicester General Hopsital
September 21, 2012

Paul Holt, January 2009

“It was MTX’s commitment and willingness to supply what we (the Trust) wanted that set them apart from other modular building specialists. Their flexibility and commitment to meet our needs was a key success factor for this

Paul Holt
Estates Director, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust
April 16, 2012

Anthony Downey, August 2009

“The project had to be completed to an extremely tight schedule, but despite the considerable time pressures, and the structural and other construction challenges MTX faced, they delivered the new theatre on time and on budget, which was critical for us, to a very high

Anthony Downey
Head of Estates and Capital Projects, Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
January 10, 2012

Mandy Claridge, August 2009

“When I saw the finished facility I thought it was absolutely stunning, especially given the very limited space MTX had to work with. The company also extremely skilfully managed the job in a way that saw us able to carry on performing all our usual work without any significant disruption, which was a considerable achievement in itself. The standard of finish and fit is first-class and we now, as a Trust, undertake all our orthopaedic procedures at Heatherwood hospital, which has become a centre of excellence for this type of

Mandy Claridge
General Manager, Surgical Services at Heatherwood and Wexham Park Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
January 10, 2012

Tim Espley, July 2010

“We would like to bring to your attention our appreciation of the hard work and support of your (service) team here at Paddock Wood. Despite the weather conditions that have been against us and the extreme temperatures here in the South East the kit has continued to work. It is a credit to your company that we felt worthy of writing to you and look forward to a continued working success

Tim Espley
Operations Director, M&W Mack Limited
July 1, 2010

Tristan Shanahan, November 2010

“The project has received a subjective thumbs up… the exterior appearance is attractive; the wood panelling looks nicely under-stated and gives a very “natural” feel to the

Tristan Shanahan
Facilities Manager Stanmore College
September 21, 2009

Narciso Simioni, January 2009

“There is no doubt that many architects have been somewhat dismissive about modular buildings in the past, tending to view them exclusively as temporary facilities built down to a cost to serve a short-term need…. I think perceptions are changing and from my viewpoint (the Stepping Hill project) has been a real eye-opener both in terms of the standard of design and end

Narciso Simioni
Taylor Young (Architects)
April 17, 2009