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Bespoke Modular Laboratories from MTX

MTX modular laboratories are hygienic, secure and ensure a wholly controlled environment for the delicate research that takes place within them.

Our modular laboratories are all produced to the highest standard ensuring the client and end users will benefit from a sustainable and quality laboratory. We construct buildings and facilities to the client’s exact requirements, ensuring security, durability and cleanliness levels are met to safeguard staff and research products.

High Specification Laboratory Facility Solutions

All MTX modular laboratories are designed and installed with ultra clean interiors to reflect the nature of work that will be taking place inside.

We work alongside the client to establish the level of cleanliness that is requested for the new facility. All laboratories can be installed with hi-tech positive pressure systems and treated air technology to ensure they adhere to the exact requirements.

Our modular laboratories provide:

  • Ultra-cleanliness
  • Maximum usage of the available floor space
  • Laboratory CCTV
  • Fire detection
  • Hi-tech positive pressure systems
  • Treated air technology
  • Electromagnetic interlock system

As well as design and purchase solutions, we offer laboratory hire for short term or temporary projects.

We will work with the client from conception to completion, establishing the infrastructure requirements such as electrical supplies, telecoms, water and drainage. We deliver a product with no compromise on quality and hand over a facility which can achieve up to a 60 year design life.

Case Study

George Eliot hospital new endoscopy unit

George Eliot Hospital

Modular Endoscopy Department
MTX were awarded the contract to design and install a new modular Endoscopy Department for George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton. MTX were appointed the main contractor for this project, working directly for the NHS Trust.

Case Study

Hall Analytical Lab

Hall Analytical

Laboratory Fitout
MTX were awarded the contract to provide scientific company Hall Analytical with a state-of-the-art laboratory in a pre-existing building.

Modular Hire

MTX offer temporary relocatable modular building hire and decant accommodation throughout the UK. Our buildings can be supplied from our standard range or rapidly remodelled to suit your specific accommodation requirements.

For more information, visit our Modular Hire page.