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Modular Benefits

Modern methods of construction (MMC) are fast becoming the construction solution of choice. An innovative alternative to a traditional construction solution, off-site modular construction has many advantages.

The MTX Modular Building Systems are bespoke designs and our modular system is highly customisable ensuring the end user has no restrictions regarding layout, internal appearance and external treatments.

Modular Building System benefits:

No compromise on quality
With the MTX Modular Building System, you’ll experience none of the compromises normally associated with modular construction such as “bouncy floors” and unsightly columns.
Energy efficiency
Our buildings are extremely efficient in operation and exceed the standard legislation of building regulations by enhancing standard insulation requirements. Our buildings often achieve air tightness results below 3m3/m2/hr.
Improved health and safety
The main part of our buildings are constructed within a controlled factory environment following procedures which have been proven to improve safety. The need to work at heights has been eliminated.
The majority of our buildings are constructed within a factory environment. On site and running simultaneously with the factory construction, groundworks and utilities can be prepared in readiness for the buildings arrival. These events procured in tandem allow for a much quicker delivery which can be upto half the time of a traditional solution resulting in a faster return on your investment.
Less waste and more recycling
As our buildings are constructed within a factory and away from site we have the opportunity to significantly reduce the amount of waste that is produced. Research carried out by WRAP has stated that off-site construction can reduce on-site waste by upto 90 per cent.
Reduction in vehicle movements
Because the majority of the building is manufactured within a factory environment and all works are consolidated to one area reductions in vehicle movements in comparison to traditional are realised.
Minimal site disruption
Thanks to the off-site element of modular construction there is far less disruption and noise to the surrounding area.
An engineered solution
Because our buildings are constructed in a factory our buildings are completed to a high standard and adhering to strict quality control conditions and procedures and to our ISO9001 standards.
Your buildings are constructed away from site and in a secure environment. Any expensive appliances and materials are kept away from the site resulting in minimal theft and security requirements.

For further information on our innovative design and construction method please call us on 0800 138 3541 to discuss your next project.