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MTX Modular USP’s

Our proven system, in operation on many of our sites, benefits from:

No visible columns
This allows the true occupancy of floor space without a compromise due to obtrusive columns.
An engineered solution
We are proud that our system is an engineered solution which is constructed to greater tolerances than that of a traditional construction solution.
Module lengths of up to 20 metres long
This allows for greater unobstructed spans especially advantageous in large rooms.
Internal module heights of up to 3.8 metres high
This is a very big benefit especially when constructing areas that require high ceilings or rooms that are heavily serviced requiring a deep ceiling void.
Floorless modules
This allows end users to benefit from a solid concrete floor. This is especially advantageous when low response factors are required such as for operating theatres.
A variety of integral floor options
We can design our floors to meet the requirements of specific response factors.
Module widths of up to 4.5 metres wide with no minimum
This allows for a reduced number of modules on larger buildings meaning reduced transport and installation costs.
Unlimited architectural features
As our buildings are bespoke the options for curved or angled elevations allow architectural variety. We provide an unlimited variety of cladding options allowing architects to meet their exact requirements.