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Colin Plant, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

“I found MTX to be a complete pleasure to work with throughout all stages of procurement, design development, and off site and on site construction.

The scheme was handed over on time and in budget, with top class and thoroughly professional managers and site management team. The overall progress was significantly fast tracked in order to support additional capacity on the Walsall Manor Hospital site – all achieved to the target date of the 19th December 2014.

The clinicians and nursing teams and directors of the Trust are delighted with the end product, which can serve additional capacity but also cleverly designed to be a decant ward at certain times of the year- meaning the space is completely flexible and choice of colours and finishes means it meets the needs of dementia patients.

Of particular note is the diamond configuration of the four bedded template which supports privacy and dignity needs; provides touch down space for clinical teams within the rooms; and supports reduction of infections through greater space. This is certainly innovative within the Black Country.

I would most definitely recommend MTX and the team.”