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Celebrating 75 years of the NHS, with a drive for Blood Donation

By July 5, 2023Healthcare, News
NHS 75 anniversary

To commemorate the NHS in celebrating its 75th birthday modern methods of construction specialist MTX is supporting its entire workforce in registering to become blood donors and help to save the lives of patients requiring operations or treatment.

MTX has partnered with the NHS for more than 40 years providing vital specialist facilities and ward accommodation for hospitals across the UK, and during that time has created 300 operating theatres and 2500 compliant bed spaces.

MTX MMC Infographic

As part of its blood donor offering, MTX is offering employees paid time off during the working day to attend blood donor sessions and publicising the blood donor recruitment campaign to its 75-strong workforce.

Managing Director, David Hartley says: “Everyone within the company is hugely appreciative of the fantastic care provided by NHS staff and very proud of the work we do partnering with the NHS and using MMC to deliver new facilities faster, safer, greener and more cost effectively. Donated blood is absolutely vital for operations, cancer treatments and a wide range of other life-saving activity within hospitals, so this feels like a really constructive way for those that wish to, to join the celebrations.”

The NHS needs nearly 400 new donors a day to meet demand and around 135,000 new donors a year to replace those who can no longer donate. It particularly needs more young people to start giving blood to ensure there is enough blood in the future.

Around two thirds of the blood donated in England is used to treat medical conditions including anaemia, cancer and blood disorders, while nearly a third is used in surgery and emergencies including childbirth.

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