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MTX leads creation of UK Community Diagnostic Centres

By January 11, 2024Healthcare, News
UK Community Diagnostic Centre – GCI

Modern methods of construction specialist MTX is leading the drive to create a network of new Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) designed to cut NHS waiting lists and speed up treatment of patients.

The company is currently involved in the construction of six CDCs in different parts of the UK, using MMC and Design for Manufacture and Assembly principles to deliver the projects faster, greener, safer and more cost effectively in line with the Government’s Construction Playbook.

Community Diagnostic Centres aim to offer more rapid access to vital diagnostic tests and scans, and are part of the NHS England CDC programme that aims to improve outcomes for patients, including those with suspected cancer and other serious health conditions. Earlier diagnosis often means people have more treatment options and increased survival rates.

The CDCs are designed to house specialist equipment including MRI and CT scanners along with patient waiting and administration areas. They are primarily located separated from the main hospital site to enable easier access, but can also be situated as part of the hospital estate. MTX is currently engaged in projects for both types of location.

The company has developed a core design strategy that recognises the main components of the CDC concept but which can be customised and tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of each individual health trust client.

As part of its fast-track delivery, MTX is able to work closely with the client in the preconstruction phase immediately a site is chosen, developing plans for how the site can best accommodate the CDC, access for the factory-built component elements of the new facility, and optimising the build programme.

UK Community Diagnostic Centre – Plan

David Hartley, MTX Managing Director explained: “The fast-track construction of the new Community Diagnostic Centres is a critical element in the Government’s plans to cut waiting lists and improve outcomes for patients within the NHS. Central government departments are being encouraged to adopt Modern Methods of Construction in order to support cost certainty, programme and quality. In most of the new contracts MTX is continuing its partnership with Trusts where we have already provided new facilities in the past. In some cases the work is being done alongside other current projects.

“MTX has extensive experience developing new facilities for health trusts and that knowledge and expertise feeds into the preconstruction phase and optimising the design and build process. It is encouraging that Trusts are recognising the advantages that modern methods of construction can deliver – creating these new facilities faster than conventional building techniques while maintaining the highest quality. Earlier handover means a more rapid return on investment for the Trust, and quicker access to the new facilities for patients.”

Using the MMC construction process structural modular sections are factory-built off site and delivered for assembly, usually with walls already in place. Once installed on site ceilings and concrete screed flooring are added in preparation for fit out with the specialist scanning equipment and mechanical and electrical systems. A significant quantity of the services equipment can be delivered in factory-built modular sections for assembly on site, in line with the Government’s Construction Playbook

The nature of the new CDCs often requires specialist features which can include ‘Faraday cages’ to enclose the MRI scanner rooms to avoid electromagnetic interference, and radiation shielding for the CT scanner areas. Floors in the new buildings are specifically designed to take the heavyweight machinery.